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So I’ve Deleted Some Posts

I just deleted several posts from this blog– the only posts, in fact, which gave it any real content. I did this because I want this space to be less of a soapbox and more of a sounding board. I also didn’t like those posts from a stylistic standpoint. They were too academic in tone, with too little knowledge driving them. I know this might be inappropriate for the internet, but the appearance of authority has very little to do with actual authority. I’d rather be more honest in my writing than blogging culture usually permits.

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Opening Statement

I’m creating this blog as a way of throwing my thoughts on scientific topics into the internet. My background is mixed between environmental science (ecology, hydrology, and natural resource studies) and philosophy (philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, ethics). Aside from having a slight academic background, I can’t say I’m particularly distinguished. Hopefully I’ll be able to compile a collection of thoughts on current topics in the scientific community with this project.

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Everything on this blog should be taken as a draft, the spilling over of mental activity flung far and wide. The author is a graduate of Hampshire College in Amherst, MA who enjoys many things but devotes most of this space to matters academic.
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