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Bandaging my ego as midnight arrives and my Science and Religion paper continues to press me with difficulties is the news that this blog has had over 500 views! My regular, finals-time posting has really helped pick things up… amazing what regular updates and community participation do to a blog’s exposure. Some reflection is clearly in order.

I started blogging here near the end of April, 2007. There were a few initial posts refuting vacuous claims from Uncommon Descent, but I was unhappy with them and the direction the blog was taking and so decided to abort and restart at a later date. One small batch of deletions later, I was free of the vise-like grip of finals stress and on summer break. Away from Western Massachusetts, I was living in Boston with my girlfriend and working as a canvasser and then as a cook. Being much too big of a nerd to let my brain wander too far from my academic studies, I started reading books I picked up at used bookstores around Boston that caught my interest. The new reading list, overall lack of structure and means of external evaluation began spurred me to begin posting creative, rather than responsive, work. Academics throughout the semester slowed the blog’s pace, but it has once again picked up as an outlet for topics tangential to my finals work. This time, come the end of the semester, I think I’ll keep the posts and the direction. We’ll see what the story looks like when I hit 1000 views.


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Polar Bear Jawbones and Science Coverage Time and Human Embodiment

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