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July 13, 2013 at 4:54 pm Leave a comment

Looking back at this blog, I can see the last thing I posted was a short piece for Super Fine. Much has changed since then (and since the inception of this barely-updated blog!), but my interest in science studies and science activism remains a common thread. If there are any readers who come across this, I would ask you to check out this indiegogo page for Bio, Tech and Beyond. It’s a dedicated biohacking space in Carlsbad, CA, that has started some great projects but needs some funds to maintain itself as a lab. If you’re into citizen science (and you should be!), it merits your support.

Oh, and I made the video together with other folks from Grit and Gamble. All the more reason that, if you know me, you should consider pitching in. Or, you know, leaving a comment or two on how I could have done better!


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On Super Fine Magazine: “On activism and outrage: The importance of recognizing the Man”

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