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An Update?!

It’s been quite a long time since I updated this blog, so I figure it’s time to share some of what’s new. My Division III project at Hampshire College has been taking up most of my academic time. Instead of having this blog available as an outlet in which I can voice my thoughts that are unrelated to a particular class, I have no classes to which my thoughts are not related. My writing goes directly into my Div III, which is a fantastic situation. Unfortunately, it means that this blog sits neglected in some dark corner of my memory and attention.

I’m not sure what use I will have for this blog in the next few months, but it might experience a revitalization after my graduation. I tend to greatly increase the frequency and length of my posts over the summer, when I’m away from an academic setting.

Thinking over this post, I’m not sure if it actually says much of anything. I guess it’s closer to an indication that I just remembered that I have a blog, and that I haven’t been doing anything with it since August. In the meantime, I’ve been writing more in my comments over at


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Bandaging my ego as midnight arrives and my Science and Religion paper continues to press me with difficulties is the news that this blog has had over 500 views! My regular, finals-time posting has really helped pick things up… amazing what regular updates and community participation do to a blog’s exposure. Some reflection is clearly in order.

I started blogging here near the end of April, 2007. There were a few initial posts refuting vacuous claims from Uncommon Descent, but I was unhappy with them and the direction the blog was taking and so decided to abort and restart at a later date. One small batch of deletions later, I was free of the vise-like grip of finals stress and on summer break. Away from Western Massachusetts, I was living in Boston with my girlfriend and working as a canvasser and then as a cook. Being much too big of a nerd to let my brain wander too far from my academic studies, I started reading books I picked up at used bookstores around Boston that caught my interest. The new reading list, overall lack of structure and means of external evaluation began spurred me to begin posting creative, rather than responsive, work. Academics throughout the semester slowed the blog’s pace, but it has once again picked up as an outlet for topics tangential to my finals work. This time, come the end of the semester, I think I’ll keep the posts and the direction. We’ll see what the story looks like when I hit 1000 views.

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Final Papers Might Equal More Posts

I’m in the midst of final papers. This should mean that my blog continues in its update dry spell. Instead, it probably signifies a increased volume of posts. I started this blog while writing my final papers at the end of spring semester, after all. Both developing thoughts and overflow might end up as new posts.

There are three topics on which I’m writing final papers, so the odds of posts materializing for any of them are good. For my Wittgenstein class, I’m writing a paper on Wittgenstinean Causation, with a focus on Wittgenstein’s influence on G.E.M. Anscombe’s “Causality and Determination”. For my class on Science and Religion, I’m writing a paper on Medieval Muslim views on causation. The primary figures of this comparative paper are Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Al-Ghazali, and Averroes (Ibn Rushd). For my Seminar in Ecology I might have some posts which lean closer to science than philosophy. I’m giving a presentation and writing an accompanying paper on Agave pollination syndromes with a focus on the coevolutionary aspects of this particular syndrome.

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I Guess I’ve Been a Good Blogger…

… because I’ve been responding to all the comments that have been left recently. So, for some added non-post content, check out the comments. Woo.

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So I’ve Deleted Some Posts

I just deleted several posts from this blog– the only posts, in fact, which gave it any real content. I did this because I want this space to be less of a soapbox and more of a sounding board. I also didn’t like those posts from a stylistic standpoint. They were too academic in tone, with too little knowledge driving them. I know this might be inappropriate for the internet, but the appearance of authority has very little to do with actual authority. I’d rather be more honest in my writing than blogging culture usually permits.

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Opening Statement

I’m creating this blog as a way of throwing my thoughts on scientific topics into the internet. My background is mixed between environmental science (ecology, hydrology, and natural resource studies) and philosophy (philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, ethics). Aside from having a slight academic background, I can’t say I’m particularly distinguished. Hopefully I’ll be able to compile a collection of thoughts on current topics in the scientific community with this project.

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