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Bio, Tech and Beyond Indiegogo

Looking back at this blog, I can see the last thing I posted was a short piece for Super Fine. Much has changed since then (and since the inception of this barely-updated blog!), but my interest in science studies and science activism remains a common thread. If there are any readers who come across this, I would ask you to check out this indiegogo page for Bio, Tech and Beyond. It’s a dedicated biohacking space in Carlsbad, CA, that has started some great projects but needs some funds to maintain itself as a lab. If you’re into citizen science (and you should be!), it merits your support.

Oh, and I made the video together with other folks from Grit and Gamble. All the more reason that, if you know me, you should consider pitching in. Or, you know, leaving a comment or two on how I could have done better!


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Super Fine Magazine

To anyone who still looks around this site, or who was directed her for whatever reason, my writing is now going on at Super Fine Magazine. Lots of other talented people are writing over there, too, so I encourage anyone and everyone to go check it out. Cheers!

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Bx v -Bx

What if Wittgenstein, who was a known fan of Shakespeare (at least in his later years) thought the central question of metaphysics* was the famous “To be, or not to be? That is the question”? After all, wouldn’t that be schematized as Bx v -Bx? In which case, THE question is a tautology, and really doesn’t have much content at all?

When logically schematizing Shakespeare, everything is lost in translation.

*”Why is there Something instead of Nothing?

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Updated Reading List: 7-9-09

Since my last posting of my proposed reading list, I’ve received a ton of suggestions. So many that, at the rate that I also discover new and interesting books, I probably won’t get to them all by the end of the summer. Currently high on the list are Yukio Mishma’s short story collection Death in Midsummer and John Locke’s Essay on Human Understanding. As early modern philosophy is a huge weakness of mine, I figured now was a good time to shore it up with some good, old-fashioned British empiricism. Also, I’ve been meaning to read his views on substance and qualities since I took “Philosophy and the Environment” at Edinburgh last year. Because that University had an understandably old-school approach to philosophy amongst its undergraduates, all of the students in the class that WEREN’T exchange students seemed to follow such Lockean discussion while I barely held on.

Of course, I still need to finish Orientalism and What Functions Explain. Reading some of Kitcher’s essays would also probably be time well spent. And I picked up an essay collection on Locke, hoping that it would offer more clarification than confusion. In the land of fiction, I found Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow on the side of the road, so that might bump up after I finish Mishma’s stories. I also would like to read Snowcrash, The Brothers Karamazov, and all of your recommendations. We’ll see how I fit that into my schedule that involves my heavily resembling a french fry for about 8 hours a day. Awesome.

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I graduated from college in May, and now I’ve moved my project-oriented self on to a few new things. I’m moving at a slower pace than during Div III, though, so it still counts as a break. All the same, I’m trying to learn spoken Cantonese, trying to re-learn basic mathematics for the GREs, and working on boning up on all things related to biology, Islam, and the countries included in the study group. There’s no news yet on the status of the NSF grant, but I will be presenting at the upcoming conference (in October) at Hampshire College on biology and evolution in the Islamic world.

So, good stuff. I’ll see if I can revive the summer update schedule here on this blog, but things will probably change around here with my change in occupation.

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